So, it’s very likely 2 things have happened…


You´ve had an unintelligent document problem

and now you also have an unintelligent data problem


Others may come up short for your data mining and process automation requirements…

IDEM GLOBAL is engaged with you all the way through your Intelligent Information Management and Hyperautomation Projects.

IDEM GLOBAL coordinates useful data in a manageable smart system

IDEM GLOBAL applies expert knowledge to Data Mining in the process through which one more OCR, IDP, Capture, RPA, AI or Machine Learning capabilities can extract key actionable knowledge from data.

We can help you getting your invoice processing and all other information types of scanning, workflow and document archival together.


Dots the i´s in Actionable Data and Process Automation

Document Process & Data Analytics

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Process Automation & Data Mining Strategy

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Cloud & AI Hyperautomation Strategy

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CoE Implementation Strategy

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Robotization / Orchestration Via RPA Process

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